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TechnoSys Group Co. releases newer version of insurance suite of solutions (AIMSweb version 12) during exhibiting in GITEX 2011
9 October, 2011


"Due to international importance of GITEX 2011, and distinguished presence of international entities, role of TechnoSys Group becomes vital to promote and market computer solutions in international markets, after succeeding in regional market" declared by Mr. Othman Bazian/ Managing Director of TechnoSys Group.


From his side, Mr. Ibrahim Qasmieh/ Executive Director of TechnoSys Group announced that during GITEX 2011, newer version of AIMSweb 12 will be released with new enhancements and features, as linking with governmental entities in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Jordan. For example, in Saudi Arabia, AIMSweb 12 is ready to link thru WEB-SERVICES with Yakeen, Waseel, Najm, CCHI and others, to facilitate work of end users. Similarly, in UAE, AIMSweb 12 is ready to link thru WEB-SERVICES with HAAD, RTA and others. While in Jordan, AIMSweb 12 is ready to link thru WEB-SERVICES with Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF).


Mr. Qasmieh added, that AIMSweb 12 includes the WEB-SERVICES link with most of TPA medical companies, as well, AIMSweb 12 is now compatible with international standards named (ACORD) of linking the insurance companies with reinsurers and brokers through using the XML technologies. This is in addition to enhancing the e-Portal to serve agents, customers, and corporations.


Mr. Qasmieh declared that AIMSweb 12 has now a facility to offer insurance services to customers through their mobile phones and PDA's, and TechnoSys Group in this advancement is pioneer in the MENA market.


On other hand, Mr. Bazian explained the new dimension of developing TechnoSys Group services, through adopting state-of-the-art advanced help-desk tracking system linked with the internal standardized applications used inside TechnoSys to adopt the best practices of the CMMi Level3 of (SEI) practices for project management, Quality Assurance, Service Management and configuration management for the AIMSweb products and customers.


Mr. Bazian added that TechnoSys Group is currently deploying international standards of software development processes, called CMMI, and appraisal will be soon to get international certificate, and accordingly, TechnoSys Group will be able to enter new regional and international markets. TechnoSys Group in CMMI certificate is unique among few companies in MENA region.


 About TechnoSys:

TechnoSys Group is a regional IT company established since 1989, and has exclusive focus on insurance automation. TechnoSys Group designed and developed Advanced Insurance Management Suite (AIMSweb) using internet and mobile technologies adapted by Oracle & Java latest technologies.

AIMSweb represents more than 300 man-year cumulative insurance experiences, and runs successfully at well-known insurance references in 12 countries of MENA markets. AIMSweb is used by more than 3000 insurance experts daily in the fields of General, Medical, Life, Reinsurance and others, all in integrated Arabic/Latin web environment. AIMSweb market share is dominant in many countries like Saudi, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, and many others.



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